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I’m happy to present My professional Support and Private Tutoring by LANGUAGE ARTS ( English, French, Italian) and Creative Arts ( Drawing, Painting, Modelling and Meditation)


1) ART CLASSES by Acrylics, Watercolours and Oil Painting.

* Painting Abstraction: Skills for Expression

* Everything You Need to Know About Watercolor

* Everything You Need to Know About Oils

* Painting Abstraction in Watercolor

* Brilliant Blossoms: Painting Watercolor Flowers

a) Individual Art Classes and Art Therapy Sessions start from 3500RUB/1,5h = 40GBP = 50EURO.

b) Group Art Therapy Sessions starts from 1000RUB (from 5 students)

2) English, French, Italian together with

a) RosettaStone Foundations for Business (Beginners)

b) RosettaStone Advantage for Business (Intermediate)

c) Advanced English for Business

Tutoring starts from @ 1h=3500RUB=40GBP=50EURO

3) Preparation for KET, PET, GCSE, IELTS, IGCSE or A+Level, TOEFL, CAE, ANY ENTRY-EXAMS: Min. programme package: 10 lessons @ 1h=3500RUB=50EURO=40GBP;

Online Exam Practice Test

SALES: Deep English Fluency Course + Any Exam Prep.= 1,5h@5000RUB = 60GBP= 70EURO. (Online Tutoring Provided)

4) * Total HOME-SCHOOLING with WES International Support for English Speaking Students! (Certified, with monthly fee!!!)

* Total HOME SCHOOLING with IXL World Education Service International Support for English Speaking Students! (Certified, with monthly fee!!!)

* Total HOME SCHOOLING with K12-International Academy Online!

@ Tutoring starts from: 1h=3500RUB=50EURO=40GBP, timing from 2h/weekly!!!

* HOME-SCHOOLING by Language Arts for International Students:

(Interactive Books, Apps, Games, Geo-for Kids, BBC Edu-Programs, ESL Oxford and Cambridge Courses)

a) Language Arts for kids with British Council!

b) Geo for Kids Educational Programmes as part of ESL Courses!

c) Home Schooling with BBC Bitesize: English, Math, Science!

d) Language Arts with Oxford and Cambridge Programs online!"

e) Home Schooling Online Education for PreK-12th with Time4Learning System!

f) Home Schooling Online with RosettaStone Language Arts Curriculum

g) Reading Eggs and MathSeeds - Best Online Curriculum for Pre-School kids

h) 'Reading Story' Solution with StoryLine Online Best ever Collection by the Best World Authors for kids

@ Tutoring starts from: 1h=3500RUB=50EURO=40GBP, timing from 2h/weekly!!!


5) Business English for Beginners ( English for Career): 1,5h=5000RUB=70EURO=60GBP

a) Certified English Courses for Careers Online - OVERVIEW (10 lessons min. package)

b) Business Grammar & Practice online

c) Oxford English for Careers by Subjects

6) Diploma Courses Professional SUPPORT 1,5h=5000RUB=70EURO=60GBP;

Diploma Courses Examples and OVERVIEW

7) English Courses for Teachers. Tutoring from @ 1,5h=5000RUB=60GBP=70EURO


8) DEEP English Course: General Speaking Practice, Vocabulary, Grammar in Use by Topics

@ 1,5h=5000RUB=60GBP=70EURO ( 10 lessons min.package)

DEEP English Fluency Course

English File Activities Online by Level

9) PROFI English Course : General Business English Skills for Cooperation + Individual Program by Your Profession (specially designed topics for Enterprise skills, Analytic skills, General Management Cooperation) =

@ 1,5h=5000RUB; 2h=7000RUB=100EURO=90GBP(including apps and online access to the courses)

Additional Options:

a) PROFI Business English Skills in Printed Versions

b) PROFILE Business Course Online (Downloads, Exercises, Games)

c) Business Vision Course Online (Language Arts by units, Business Vocabulary)

d) Business English Skills by Subjects online

e) Business Grammar & Practice online

f) Business Objectives online (grammar, vocabulary, expressions)

g) Business Correspondence Course Online (email letters, vocabulary by topics, grammar in use)

World Education Service and Privet Tutoring


As an Adviser by Cultural and Educational Programs in Alliance with UNESCO,

My Aim is to provide the highest standards of service to my clients and to ensure that our curriculum gets the most satisfactory results!

The World-Wide Education Service (WES) supplies tutorial based:

learning courses for children aged 4-16 years.

All courses are based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales. Home Schooling is an option which allows families to stay together and children to benefit from the experience of living abroad whilst at the same time keeping up with UK standards of education. Home schooling involves parents, teaching their own children at home, following prescribed courses, under the guidance of a personal tutor.

WES Home School Service is designed to create a school in the home where parents teach their own children. This is particularly beneficial where education facilities are limited or, where there is a need to "top up" local school education. Courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (5-16 yrs) and Reception (4-5 yrs) are offered. Teaching support and assessment are provided by WES personal tutors – highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Our Courses combine beautiful, well-crafted books and materials with online lessons. Extensive, individualized Support is focused on unlocking each students unique potential.

You can order from our centers:

.1) Privet Consultation by All Educational Programs and Courses.

.2) Privet Tutoring Service with International Accreditation by Language Arts Programme

.3) BBC Programme Tutorials for International Studies BBC LANGUAGES

.4) Kidsongs Lyrics and DVD Collections Kidsongs BEST DVD Collection

.5) WES Educational Service and BBC Bitesize Online Tutoring WES TUTORING

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